June went to Soon!

While it’s grey outside, pouring with rain and my little heater is on beneath my desk, I’m looking back at June, the month in which summer officially started. While I patiently wait for this to actually happen (so I can finally do some outside photoshoots as I have some lovely new outfits to show you), I’m looking back at this month full of tall things!

The month kicked off with a great collaboration with one of my favorite tall fashion brands and one of my favorite tall bloggers: MARGE Clothing and Beth of TallFashionAdventures! These kind of collabs are just the best as it’s such a joy to work with like-minded people! While the #talltravelstyle contest is over, feel free to still use the hashtag as both Beth and I love it for inspiration!

While this #TallTravelStyle contest kicked off, I was, coincidentally, traveling. I had to be in Dublin for work and I added a few days to meet up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in ages, and it was great! Turns out friendships you make while traveling do last and some unplugging occasionally isn’t all that bad! 🙂

Then 21 June came; the day summer kicked off and the longest day of the year! A few tall entrepreneurs in NL took the opportunity to make this day a national day for tall people and launched this initiative at the soon to be opened museum ‘Ripley’s Believe it Or Not’ in Amsterdam. I didn’t want to miss this! I met up with a friend afterwards to spend an afternoon in Amsterdam together. Not a bad Tuesday at all!

This longest day was celebrated even more on the 26th of June during a first time event; a day full of all things tall, including various tall fashion brands, a fashion show, suppliers of tall beds, bikes and chairs. Sallee of Tallguides joined me in NL on this day, and I will write more about this soon!

I was also happy to share a bit more of the story of MARGE Clothing in an interview with inspiring tall entrepreneur Kaersten Cooper. I was so curious how this year in fashion had been for her, and as a huge fan of her brand, I was excited to show you another outfit.

MARGE - Heidi and Camilla-5043
So, July… As it stands now, this is going to be a month where I will not be going abroad… That’s weird and lovely at the same time: no packing, no hours sitting in airports or adjusting to time-zones, but time to focus on work, blogging and hopefully to enjoy some Dutch sunshine!



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