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Awesome Tall Girls part VII: Dafne Schippers

I can hear some of you ask… Dafne How-do-you-pronounce-that-last-name? 😉 At 1.79 m (5 ft 10 ½ in) she’s maybe not the tallest, but she is still taller than average, so I gladly introduce you to Dafne Schippers. Dafne is a Dutch athlete and she is the fastest woman of the world. She has been performing extremely well as an athlete,  she’s on the most recent cover of Vogue NL AND she’s from my home town, so it’s time to tell you a bit more about this fast fellow Dutch Girl.

So this lady runs 100m in 10.9 seconds, and I’m sure her long legs must help (the only time you see me running almost that fast is when Net-a-Porter has a sale on. 😉 )
Dafne specializes in sprint and is currently giving all her competing athletes a run for their money (sorry, too easy, couldn’t help myself 😉 ).

Dafne Schippers

This weekend, she won gold on the 100m sprint during the European Championships in Amsterdam. Though it’s not the first gold she won at a European or World Championship, Olympic gold is still missing from her collection, so she’s going after that in Rio. Competitors, be warned, this girl doesn’t like losing. And, as a true ‘superwoman’, she can now also add cover model to her CV, as she is on the current cover of Vogue NL.

Another achieving young women, using her height in the best way she can!
Go get them in Rio, Dafne! I’ll be cheering you on!


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