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Foldable Flats for the Win

flat out of heels - tallwife.com

When I go to work, I always wear flats during my commute. As much as I love wearing heels, let’s face it; rushing through busy stations (or driving a car) is easier in flats. Added bonus: it makes my nice heels last longer. Priding themselves in ‘rescuing feet around the world’, offering relief after walking in heels for a while (or help you catch your train), Flat out of Heels has been around for 5 years now, so when I saw they had an offer on, I decided to give them a go.

Flat out of Heels - tallwife.com

I picked a cute blue pair from the Lauren Ridinger collection. They come in sizes up to EU44/US12.5/UK10, so they’re also suitable for tall girls with bigger feet.

Flat out of Heels-6407

I did struggle a bit with the size as I am an EU 41-42 normally, so I picked Large, following the size guide. These turned out to be just a bit too small, so I ordered XL which do fit, and my friend’s mother is now the happy owner of a pair in size L. 🙂
So consider yourself warned, otherwise we will have a lot of happy mothers-of-friends walking around soon.

Flat out of heels - Tallwife.com
It’s not just during my commute when I wear flats. I live in a city that dates back to the time the Romans were around, so it means that the place is full of cobblestones (and those Romans loved their cobbles, I tell you). Whilst that is very characteristic and very instagramable, it has ruined so many heels already, getting stuck in between them. So when I go out, I often wear flats and put on my heels later, but this means they need to fit in my evening bag too.

Flat out of heels - Tallwife.com
They can be washed in the washing machine (have not tried that yet by the way), and they come in a handy light-weight bag that you can put them in (so your bag stays nice and clean), which also doubles as a bag to put your heels in when you’re wearing your flats.

Flat out of Heels-6416
Granted, rollable flats always have a bit of a funny shape when you’re not wearing them, but you certainly can’t use ‘they don’t have my color’ as an excuse… 😉

Flat out of heels - tall wife

The price point is very friendly (between 14.99USD and 29.99USD ex shipping) and Flat out of Heels quite often have promotions on like free shipping or two pairs for the price of one, so just check out their website to make sure you don’t miss this.

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