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When I’m looking for clothing or new styles to try on, I always try to think outside the box and find brands that would fit my tall frame, even though they do not necessarily have a tall range. I love having multiple brands to choose from and to shop from other retailers than just the ‘usual suspects’ for tall fashion, so when I find a brand like that, I get excited. For a minute, I contemplated to keep this new gem I found to myself, but sharing is caring, so I’m happy to introduce you to Winser London.

I first noticed Winser London in Marlow, Buckinghamshire earlier this year and I liked the clean, elegant look of the items in the window. I noticed that the styles and quality would fit my busy work- and travel schedule perfectly.

Winser London

I found this article on their website by stylist Vanessa de Lisle in response to a question of a tall customer. Turns out, Kim Winser herself is taller than average at 5’10. I love independent fashion brands, especially if they have inspiring, ambitious women behind them who are passionate about what they do. Kim Winser is one of these talented ladies. She has quite a career in the fashion industry, an honorary doctorate, multiple awards (including an Order of the British Empire), and she is a contributor for Forbes, to name just a few achievements.


She launched her own brand in 2013, offering wearable, stylish, quality clothes at a reasonable price (ranging between £35-£450). Winser London uses a lot of lovely natural fabrics like merino wool and silk, which give the pieces and immediate luxurious feel.


I’d describe the style of Winser as classy, clean, down-to-earth, just how I like it. Nothing crazy, so everything pairs perfect with other items from the collection, or even items from previous collections. They generally pair perfectly with any good basics of a ‘working’ wardrobe too. Being mainly present online, Winser London does have a few boutiques, and I had the pleasure of trying on loads of styles in the Marlow shop.

I was particularly impressed with the generous length of the tops and dresses. Sleeves are overall quite long; at 6’2, the vast majority of the tops and dresses I tried fitted me perfectly. They do come with a good hem too, so the even taller girls could get a bit of extra length at the tailor. I did notice that pants were a bit trickier, but these too come with generous hem, so girls up to 6’1(ish) should be able to get lucky there. Of course, I fell in love with a dress when trying it on. The very comfortable and timeless Grace Miracle dress in Midnight blue is a perfect addition to my fall wardrobe.


It has good length, the dress is very comfortable to wear, and the cross over style makes it a bit more edgy. It’s flattering around the waist and the V neck keeps it exciting.



So more options for you to explore, tall ladies; have a look at to see the full collection and check back in a few weeks when I show you some more styles!


– Pics with me by Githa van Eeuwen
– Pics from the Winser London collection c/o Winser London
– Dress c/o Winser London

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