Lost… and found!

For the first time since started blogging, I had a bit of a gap between my posts… Nothing serious; basically, life happened. Work demanded attention in the weeks leading up to my business trip to Indonesia. When I finally went to Bali, I preferred exploring the Island of Gods on the days I wasn’t working, rather than sitting behind my laptop. Those of you who have been to Bali will surely understand. 🙂

Without wanting to sound too ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, Bali really captivated me; I fell in love with the kind, generous people, I was enchanted by the Gamelan music to which beautifully dressed Balinese ladies danced, and the landscapes and nature are just captivating. I will surely share more posts on Bali in the coming weeks.


Apart from Instagram, I kept my online activity limited. Good thing is, I noticed I did miss blogging; absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz. At the same time, it was good to have a bit of a break. Focussing on work and when that was finished, on spending time with my friend in a place new to both of us was refreshing. ‘Meditate on the exercise’ is what my happy yoga teacher in Bali said, which I took as: ‘focus on the moment and on what is here and now’.

Sofa at Purist Villa

So fear not; I’m back and full of energy and inspiration (because how can Bali NOT inspire you?) so bear with me for fresh new posts soon! xx

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