A Tall Girl’s Guide to Accessories

When tall ladies seek fashion advice for their leggy frames, they usually only think about their measurements, the clothes they can or cannot wear, and the height of their heels.
They forget to see the picture as a whole, and the keys to a complete ensemble are the accessories. As a renowned blogger from The Style Confessions has indicated to her readers, “Often, great style is in the details.”

Unlike clothing styles, accessories know no bounds in terms of suitability for different body types, but jewelry, belts and purses can all be adjusted in a way that works best for your silhouette. Here’s what you should be keeping in mind when adding the finishing touches to your outfit.

1) Mix up your proportions
Playing with various sizes in silhouettes in both your clothes and accessories will prevent you from looking like a rectangular block, a fashion fear that most of us probably have. Fellow tall girl Shannon Pete shares with All Women’s Talk some of her own suggestions, such as big jewels and slim clothes, and other big accessories to be matched with a simple dress. One of her favourite pairings includes chunky jewellery, an oversized bag and sandals to complement slim-fit pants and a flowy tank.


2) Make use of waist belts
Another way to avoid the faux pas of appearing long and boxy is to use a belt. A belt cinched around your natural waist will emphasise your shape, giving your body more balance throughout.


3) Go for bold, matching accessories
Bags, shoes and jewellery are perfect for adding that pop of colour to breathe life into your outfit. This is why accessory collections are more likely to incorporate a variety of bright colours, as Lyst explains that accessories brands like Mansur Gavriel are “often inspired by the contrast and the clear intensity of vibrant hues.” Every woman should have the freedom to have fun with these little details on their everyday uniform, unafraid to be bold in tones and in the size of jewels they wear. To provide a sense of cohesiveness to your chosen getups, make sure that they match in colour, or at least belong in the same colour family to keep your accessories uniform.


If you have any styling tips specific to accessories, feel free to share them in the comments section.


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    27 October 2016 at 15:08

    Great tips! I especially love the idea of playing with proportions! As tall women, we are fortunate to be able to wear longer length earrings and necklaces, along with the accessories you’ve mentioned here.
    Have a wonderful remainder of your week.


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