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Capturing Bali

You can imagine my excitement when a business meeting got moved from Amsterdam to Bali. I mean, Amsterdam is nice, but it’s not Bali. I was quite looking forward to extending my summer for a bit, plus I had never been to Bali, and new destinations always excite me. Having heard great stories from a friend who lived there for 2 years, I was really looking forward to this trip… And it didn’t disappoint.

The first few days, I was working from a hotel in Nusa Dua. There are worse places to be working from, especially when a friend is able to join and you get to spend your lunch hour like this.

After work was done, we quickly moved away from the 5 star hotel strip that Nusa Dua basically is, to see a bit more of Bali. We went to Ubud as we wanted to see the terraced rice fields that are so quintessentially Indonesian. Now, Ubud is very touristy, but we found the most amazing boutique hotel, 2k outside the hectic centre of Ubud. It’s called the Purist Villas, and it’s simply a piece of heaven. Think infinity pools, rose petals on the bed (and in the bath), friendly staff, and amazing service.

Though spending the day in a hotel like this is very (very!) tempting, we were here to see the Island of the Gods. Curious to experience a bit more of ‘authentic’ Bali, we booked a photography tour with photographer David Metcalf. He moved here a few years ago and would know the best places to capture the ‘Real Bali’. The pick up at 0500 to see the sunrise over mount Batur was more than worth it.

From there, we moved on by foot to capture whatever caught our eye.

The landscapes are just incredible, and so are the colourful temples and the beautiful people of Bali.

We continued to Tirtha Empul Temple; a Hindu Temple located in a valley between two hills with big springs.  It is also known as Holy Water Temple and is considered a place to purify oneself from the bad influences in life.

A stop at the rice fields was a must, and David knew a perfectly peaceful spot which wasn’t swamped with tourists, so we could take our own touristy shots. 😉



It was going to be full moon, so we accidentally picked the perfect day to see some of the local full moon celebrations in a tiny village. I am still impressed by the stunning women of Bali. They are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but incredibly kind as well.



After witnessing the celebrations, we’d been up and about for over 12h, so it was time to return to our hotel for some well deserved refreshments at one pool…


.. and an even more refreshing dip in the other.


I’ll leave you with a few more of my favorite pics, in case you have not made up your mind yet about going to Bali.


(The early morning light through the dense trees is just incredible.)



If you are going, feel free to drop me a line if you need some recommendations!


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