The ‘Upside’ of Being a Tall Traveler

We all know the downsides of being a tall traveler. The agony of folding away your giraffe legs in an economy class seat, the stares, the pictures, the comments. Today, I want to convince you it isn’t all bad. Having to get on a plane myself again tomorrow, I want to look at the upsides of it all, because complaining about our height won’t make us any shorter, nor will it give us more legroom. So here are 12 reasons to get wanderlusty and get that trip to Farawaylands booked. No excuses.


  1. Getting your luggage in the overhead bin is no issue for us. And while you’re at it, you’ll help that cute elderly lady to stow her bag too. Bonus Karma points.Space Bins
  2. Naughty people will think twice before robbing someone who towers over them. Though I am cautious and sensible when I travel, I do generally feel quite safe and that’s mainly due to my height. Thank you, tall genes.
  3. You do not have to make any effort to blend in. You won’t anyway, so no need to kid yourself.bali-8194
  4. You won’t spend your hard-earned money during a shopping spree (allowing yourself to overspend ‘because you’re on holiday!’) as you will likely not find your size anyway.
  5. You will get noticed (and served!) quicker at a crowded French Boulangerie, an Italian gelateria or Vietnamese spring roll truck.boulangerie-1
  6. When you don’t want annoying street sellers to harass you, put on your serious face and walk purposeful to the unknown. You’ll look intimidating and they will not keep pushing their fake sunglasses / ugly hats / touristy t-shirts on you.
  7. You’ll feel like a celebrity when people want to take your picture.picture-taking
  8. When people are skipping the queue, they will have a hard time getting past you.
  9. You always have the best view and can see points of interest before others do. Shout Eiffel tower when you see it!
  10. Your travel pics will be unique and original as you will be shooting from different angles and your selfie stick arms have further reach.
  11. When you are not the driver, you will by default have the right to sit shotgun on your girly road trip as that’s the only seat where you will fit.
  12. Your travel buddies will not lose sight of you.


Pics courtesy of Pinterest apart from the first and third. Those are mine. 🙂

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    12 November 2016 at 23:08

    These are all great reminders of the perks of being tall! I don’t travel as much as I’d like to but I agree with all these! People don’t mess with me!

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