Tall Women and Heels: An Open Letter

“Heels should not even be considered by tall women”.

You can imagine how displeased I was reading this statement in Margriet, one of the bigger magazines of the Netherlands. I appreciate that they take the effort of writing an article on fashion for tall women, giving tips on how to style and where to shop, but the discouragement of the statement above really annoyed me as it’s such a negative approach. So here’s an open letter to the magazine in question.


Dear Margriet,

Tall women and heels, it’s a bit of a thing. I think you have no idea how much of a thing, seeing the ease with which you state it’s a ‘no-go’ for us to wear them. I didn’t even read a valid reason why you think we shouldn’t wear them. Do they not look pretty on us in your opinion? Do they make us stand out too much? And if so, why is that an issue? Tell me. I am curious to know.

When we are wearing heels, you cannot begin to imagine how often we hear:

“Why are you wearing heels, you don’t need it, aren’t you tall enough?
“You should not wear heels, you’re making me feel so short”

We are wearing heels because:
1. We like heels and beautiful shoes just as much as other women
2. We like to feel feminine and heels have that affect. Can’t help it.
3. Quite frankly, the insecurities of short people are not our problem
4. It’s OK to stand out and to be proud of our bodies, though we are not ‘standard sized’.


Secondly, and a bit more serious perhaps, there is a whole bunch of young girls out there, especially in our tall country, who are struggling with being tall as it is. I appreciate they’re probably not your target group, but statements that it’s ‘better not to wear heels’ do not help them to gain any confidence on being tall. It gives the impression that it’s not OK to be tall, that it’s something you do not want to emphasise, while the tall community out there is trying so hard to make them realise that they are beautiful girls, who can be proud of their height.

stilettoI am aware that people who are not tall do not realise that height sometimes can be a struggle, as it’s usually regarded as something positive, though to the tall ones, it doesn’t always feel like that. Don’t get me wrong; I do praise you for raising the subject to your readers. I just thought that the statement you made on heels was a bit blunt for a magazine with your readership and I wanted to bring that to your attention.

There is sizeable (ha!) community of beautiful tall women who disagree with you and who look stunning in heels. To prove my point: please tell me if you still think that we should not even consider to wear heels looking at the pictures below.




Karlie Kloss

Tubino Pencil Skirt - Tallwife.com



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    9 December 2016 at 18:34

    I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts. Well said!

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