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Traintravel: Like Swiss Clockwork

One of the advantages of living in Europe is that you can get around the continent super easy without getting on a plane. You can get on a train in Amsterdam and wake up 9 hours later in Zürich, Switzerland. A big part of seamless travel is being on time, so I’m happy to show you my latest accessory by JORD to ensure I’m never late to catch a plane, or in this case, train. I love the sleep-inducing sound of the train tracks, the squeaking noise when the train pulls up, and to waken in the land of chocolate and clockwork is pretty awesome.

The train journey was extremely pleasant. A first class private cabin, a bed that I actually fitted in, the best croissants at the final destination and to top it all off, a bag and drinks that match my gorgeous JORD wooden watch… 🙂

After arriving in Zürich at 8am, I went out for a coffee and a pleasant morning stroll as my room wasn’t ready yet. The morning sun over Lake Zürich was glorious.


Because this watch is made of wood, it’s quite chunky, and you know I think chunky accessories are perfect for tall girls.


I have not owned a watch for a while, simply because with our phones nowadays, we always have access to the time. However, I do appreciate a nice accessory, and this watch is exactly that.

The Cora Zebrawood and Rose Watch

I picked the Cora Zebrawood and Rose Watch. The rosé and swarovsky crystal markers make it a very feminine timepiece, yet the zebra-wooden strap gives it some vigor.


And yes, Switzerland indeed is the land of things working like clockwork, even these guys know exactly when it’s time to gather around.

To me, traveling is about making moments count. Conversely, when I’m traveling time tends to fly, so making most of each trip is essential. Sometimes I need take a step back and realise that enjoying the journey in itself is OK too, it’s not just about the destination and there’s always somewhere to go…


Happy Holidays!


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    16 December 2016 at 21:54

    Oh…my…lands! That is the most gorgeous watch! I really need to go to Europe more often. They don’t know how to do it for tall girls here in the US.

    Thanks for sharing!

    **Would love feed back on any of my posts you’re willing to share 🙂**

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    26 December 2016 at 19:29

    Beautiful watch and lovely pics of Zurich. 🙂

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