Skirt Shapes for Tall Girls

For every body type there are certain styles that accentuate your best assets, and certain styles you better stay away from as they won’t flatter you at all. I don’t mean to brag, but I think that we, as tall girls, are quite lucky in the fact that we look good in almost every style (there’s a reason they want models to be a bit taller, right? 😉 ). Granted, it sometimes is a struggle to find the right fit and sleeves that are long enough, but I think one of the easiest items for us to pull off is a skirt. Long skirts, short skirts, A-lines, pencils… I think we rock them all!

I personally love wearing them and I have at least 8 skirts in different styles in my wardrobe, so let me show today why I think skirts are a tall girls best friend.

One: Pleated skirt

Skirt by MARGE clothing | Blouse by Long Tall Sally 

Two: Pencil skirt

Tubino Pencil Skirt -

Skirt by Tubino | Top by Pretty Tall Fashion

Three: Asymmetric A-Line

Skirt by Winser London | Jacket by

Four: Floor-length ball gown skirt

Marge Clothing Ball Gown Skirt

Custom Ball Gown Skirt by MARGE Clothing | Top by Miss Selfridge

Five: simple mini skirt

Skirt by Moscow

Six: Midi length skirt

Skirt by Winser London

So the moral of the story is: pick any skirt you like ladies. We look good in all of them! Plus added bonus: skirts make it easy to cheat a bit with length, so you can try on skirts from brands that not specifically aim for the tall, so you’ll have much more choice! You’re welcome! 😉

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