Riverside Celebrations

For the sake of argument, let’s say roughly half my country is below sea level, so you will always be close to sea, lakes, streams, rivers, canals, anything watery really (maybe that’s why we’re tall, to keep our heads above water when the dykes break). Anyway, perhaps for that reason, I love being near / on / in the water. If you have ever had the chance to go boating on the Dutch lakes, canals or rivers, you’ll understand why.

The views and properties are just breathtakingly beautiful; the canals of Amsterdam are the perfect example of that, but make no mistake by JUST focussing on Amsterdam: also outside our gorgeous capital city,  you’ll find beautiful riverside properties and peaceful landscapes.

So when Logement aan de Vecht, one of the properties I have been fascinated by when boating past it on the Vecht river, opened as a B&B and I got invited for a high-tea birthday celebration, I was one of the first ones to arrive to check the venue out.


I was warmly welcomed by these ladies who were roaming around freely.

It was rather rainy and grey on this particular day, but inside, soothing warm tea and treats were waiting for us.

My friend didn’t really want to be reminded of the milestone she had just reached, so we kept decorations subtle. 😉

Did you know Brooklyn thanks its name to the riverside town of “Breukelen” where Logement aan de Vecht is located?


After feasting on all this deliciousness, we could do with a bit of a stroll and we of course wanted to see the rooms as well.

We could not see all rooms as they were occupied, but you can see more rooms here.  The house dates back to 1721 (making it older that the United States. Eat that, my US friends!) and it is decorated very classy, reflecting the rich history of the house.

Views aren’t bad either, though they will be even prettier on a sunny day.

You can reach both Amsterdam and Utrecht easily by car in 20-25 minutes or so, or the health freaks could even take their bike. It’s the perfect in between spot for those loving daytime city vibes but peace and quiet at night. There are a few great restaurants very close by as well (gets out Michelin guide and has a look). If it’s a special occasion, (or if you just want to make it a special occasion), you could even go there by boat. Let me know when you’ve booked, and I’ll come join you for a riverside vino. 😉



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    2 April 2017 at 08:43

    Looks wonderful! I’ll hop on my bike this summer to check it out 😘

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      Tall Wife
      2 April 2017 at 18:24

      Let me know when, and I’ll hop on mine and meet you there… 🙂 hop hop…

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