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Mini post on Mexico: Cancún

Sunshine, emerald coloured water, white beaches, delicious guacamole and tasty Mojitos and Caipirinhas; in theory Cancún doesn’t sound bad at all. If you’re after a beach holiday, and the only thing you want is your hotel, the beach, a pool, a drink in your hand and a party every now and then, it’s the place to be. I personally prefer destinations that are a bit more authentic however.

Waves come crashing in

A lonely tall tree on guard.

That’s wanderlust right there for you.


I can’t really put the finger on why a jetty leading to nowhere is so darn attractive. Maybe the idea of the endless freedom and unknown depths at the end of it.

White sand, white feet, white dress, and I shrunk a bit.

Will it or will not reach my feet… embracing my inner 6-year-old.

Being anywhere in Mexico is kind of like being in heaven for avo-freaks like me.

Cancún probably won’t let you leave your comfort zone, but it isn’t ALL bad with beaches and sunsets like this. And wonder of world Chichen Itza is 2 to 3 hours away, if you’re feeling adventurous… But that is a little project I’m lining up for June when I have to go back… 🙂

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    13 April 2017 at 08:04

    Avo-freaks! I like that and am definitely one too. I can’t get over how beautiful the water is.

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