Pretty Tall Fashion Show

It’s been a busy few weeks for the ladies at Pretty Tall Fashion, one of the Dutch ‘tall’ retailers; two weekends of fashion shows in a row. Kicking off at their ‘home base’ in Apeldoorn two weeks ago with the first show, and last weekend, the collection was shown in Hoofddorp. Together with a few other beautifully tall ladies and gents, I was walking the runway, just like last year. Come in and have a look at the spring looks that I showed…

Look 1: Spring blooms

Only M blouse Lengi Bu stampa | Only M jacket Canya | Mavi jeans Serena light random exotic
Sequoia shoes Batuaji beige

A very easy-going, cheerful look. I am in love with these distressed jeans (some serious length here ladies…) and those shoes by Pretty Tall’s own line Sequoia totally rock.

Look 2: Brogues & Blue Bells
Yest Bunga shirt white/blue bell | Yest vest Yessica storm | Stark pants Bruni 51 light blue
Gabor lace shoe Brauhan white

The lace shoes are growing on me a bit more every day, and the cardi is so freaking comfi.

Look 3: Navy stripes
Only M Bennoa blouse panna | Only M Bonyoh navy cardigan | Only M striped skirt Puri navy bianco

Red and Blue clearly love each other. Something I’d wear to the office all day long (after my legs have seen some sunshine… 😉 )

Look 4: Party
If you’re looking for a party dress that’s long enough, in various styles, ask the ladies at Pretty Tall. They’ll point you in the right direction.

It was a super fun day, being the shorter tall person. 🙂
For more pics on the other models, check out the FB page of Pretty Tall. 

Credits: Pics by Foto Gans Hoofddorp

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    13 April 2017 at 08:01

    I’m loving these looks. I feel like some of the pieces would be out of my comfort zone (like the lace shoes) but if I had a stylist to help me put the look together, I’d probably warm up to those pieces. Great mixture of colors and patterns too!

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