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Mexico: Teotihuacan

Barely landed from a trip to Asia, I figured it was a good time to share a long overdue post on Mexico. 🙂  Two years ago, I visited Mexico City briefly during a business trip, and I got a taste of the atmosphere. I didn’t have the opportunity then to visit Teotihuacan, an archaeological complex northeast of Mexico City, so when the chance  presented itself to go there after my Cancùn trip, I didn’t think twice.

I went with friends who live in Mexico City and a bit of local knowledge always comes in handy when your Spanish doesn’t go much further than Vino Tinto (priorities, right?).

My friends told me that years ago, there was hardly anything here apart from the archaeological complex. I guess the Mexicans are entrepreneurial too, and now you’ll find small shops, and people selling souvenirs around the complex (which make great colorful props to add some color to your travel pics. 😉 )

Basically, the vast area consist of two pyramids; the big Pyramid of the Sun and the smaller Pyramid of the Moon, connected through the cheerfully named Avenue of the Dead which is 1.2 miles long.

If you don’t mind steep staircases, it’s worth climbing up the Pyramid of the Sun.

Go on a weekday though, as queueing in the burning midday sun isn’t fun. Brings me to the next point: bring sunscreen. Seriously. Don’t be stubborn. Do it. I still see the neckline of my t-shirt vaguely on my chest. No fun.

I went on a Sunday, and Mexicans get free access to museums on Sunday, so it was busy and we spent quite some time queueing. The view is worth it though.

After spending a few hours here, you’ll get hungry. During your drive to the complex, you’ll pass loads of glorified tents that are now ‘restaurants’. Drive past them and go to La Gruta. It is a bit touristy and a bit busy, but it has a lovely, mystical atmosphere due to the candle-lit wall at the back.

You can light a candle yourself, symbolising renewing your life, so that’s what I did as that is rather applicable currently.

Obviously, I picked a high place where no tiny Mexican would be able to get to my candle.

The food is nice too. Beware though: the Mexicans have a different idea of spicy than a tall, potato-eating Dutch chick has. I think my throat is still burning. If you really want to be adventurous and broaden your culinary horizon, this is the place to be.

Caterpillar tacos, ant larvae prepared at the table or a topping of grasshopper? I’ll pass, thank you very much, just bring me some guac. But this is what it looks like:

You might want to make a reservation though, as the place is quite popular, but it’s worth it.

After an adventurous day, my friends dropped me at the airport for a midnight flight back to Amsterdam, and after a day like this, you’ll have a sound night of sleep, even on a noisy airplane.

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    22 May 2017 at 21:54

    Somehow I missed this post. Sounds like such an interesting time! I’m trying to decide whether I’d be adventurous enough to try one of the bugs or not. Hmmm. Can’t blame you for passing. I could eat my body weight in guac so that’s always my first choice too. Glad you were able to take such a cool side trip!

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