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    Riverside Celebrations

    For the sake of argument, let’s say roughly half my country is below sea level, so you will always be close to sea, lakes, streams, rivers, canals, anything watery really (maybe that’s why we’re tall, to keep our heads above water when the dykes break). Anyway, perhapsΒ for that reason, I love being near / on / in the water. If you have ever had the chance to go boating on the Dutch lakes, canals or rivers, you’ll understand why. Continue Reading

  • Lifestyle

    Tall Wife 2.0

    Welcome to the Tall Wife 2.0. It was time for a redesign, for fresh ideas, for new energy. I hope you like the brand spanking new look of my blog. I…

  • Lifestyle

    2017 – Changes

    Happy 2017 everyone! I know 2017 is one week old already, but better late than never I suppose. πŸ™‚ I hope this year brings you all you wish for and more,…

  • Lifestyle

    Buzzing like a Bee

    My father in law is a beekeeper. I’ve always been fascinated by that, but I never had a chance to go see his ‘pets’. He has 40 hives with around 400.000…

  • Lifestyle

    Swanning around the Swan Market

    Last Sunday, I went on first time shopping adventure. I visited the Swan Market in my hometown Utrecht. It might be a typical Dutch thing, so let me explain: a Swan…

  • Lifestyle Travel

    Staying Fit in Foreign Lands

    Staying fit and healthy requires dedication and planning, which sometimes is hard enough in your daily routine at home, trying to fit food planning and work-outs inΒ with working hours, family life,…

  • Lifestyle

    How Height Affects a Workout

    Don’t you have certain exercisesΒ at the gym that just aren’t for you? I find squatsΒ  extremely hard, thrusts are impossible to doΒ without hitting myself on the chin with a knee (making…

  • Eat & Drink Lifestyle

    Easter Foodie Fest

    While a lot of people were busy preparing Easter breakfast yesterday, I had a bit of a lie in. Daylight saving time robbed me of an hour sleep, which I wasn’t…

  • Fashion Lifestyle

    Workout Gear for Tall Women

    One of the best motivators to get me into a gym or outside for a run, is having nice workout gear. Mentally, it works the same as with any other outfit:…

  • Lifestyle Tall Tall Articles

    How Height Affects Health

    I just came across an interesting article on the website of Women’s Health Magazine about how your height affects your health. It might have more effect than you think! It’s an…