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    Tall Women and Heels: An Open Letter

    “Heels should not even be considered by tall women”.

    You can imagine how displeased I was reading this statement in Margriet, one of the bigger magazines of the Netherlands. I appreciate that they take the effort of writing an article on fashion for tall women, giving tips on how to style and where to shop, but the discouragement of the statement above really annoyed me as it’s such a negative approach. So here’s an open letter to the magazine in question. Continue Reading

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    Team Tall: a Tall Brunch in Amsterdam

    You may have seen it already on various social media, but in case you’ve missed it, just a short post to inform you that Sallee of and I are very…

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    Rio 2016: Gold for Team Tall

    Last week, 4’8 ft gymnast Simone Biles tweeted a pic of her standing next to 6’8 volleyball player David Lee. Her caption was ‘Size difference in Olympians doesn’t matter, depending on what sport you…

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    Tall Life: a book review

    A few months ago, I got a request; if I wanted to have a pre-read of a book about all things tall. Sure, I wanted to do that, I was very curious…

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    Tall Together – A Tall Event

    Last week, following ‘the Longest day’,  the first edition of ‘Tall Together’, an event for tall people, took place in NL. It would be a day where tall people could meet businesses…

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    The Longest Day in Amsterdam

    Today was the longest day! Summer has officially started in the Northern hemisphere (hence it rained in NL 😉 ), and it was also a first! A first for an official…

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    A French TV Program on Tall Dutchies

    Last year, the BBC filmed an item in the Netherlands about tall Dutch people. In the mean time, the French too got wind of the fact that NL is a hide-out for…

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    Article: Height & Success: Size Matters

    Last month, the Independent posted an article on a study that found that tall people more likely to be successful in life. It states “The findings are the strongest evidence yet…

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    How Height Affects Health

    I just came across an interesting article on the website of Women’s Health Magazine about how your height affects your health. It might have more effect than you think! It’s an…

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    Tall Order Clothing: Welcome!

    When it comes to fashion, tall girls want what everyone else wants:  fashionable clothes that fit, with sleeves  and legs that are long enough, and also: to have choice in styles…