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    How Height Affects Health

    height healthI just came across an interesting article on the website of Women’s Health Magazine about how your height affects your health. It might have more effect than you think! It’s an interesting read and it may shed some light on what we as tall girls need to do to lower health risks, so get those health checks lines up! Continue Reading

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    Writing Guest Blogs and Columns

    Every day, I am still happy about the fact that I started this blog earlier this year. I love creative writing,  preparing inspiring posts, taking pictures for my articles, and mostly, I enjoy…

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    Why Short Guys Are Hot!

    I read this article in Women’s Health: Why I Think Short Guys Are Hot AF (and You Should, Too) I posted an article on why shorter men should go after taller women a…

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    Tall ǀ Dutch ǀ Cheese

    This morning, this article got my attention on Twitter: I already very briefly (as you do on Twitter) responded on it then, but I kept thinking of it. …

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    Growing up Being a Tall Girl

    I do not have children yet, and with me being tall and my husband being hobbit-size, I have no idea how tall my potential offspring will turn out. The height in my…