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    Mexico: Teotihuacan

    Barely landed from a trip to Asia, I figured it was a good time to share a long overdue post on Mexico. 🙂  Two years ago, I visited Mexico City briefly during a business trip, and I got a taste of the atmosphere. I didn’t have the opportunity then to visit Teotihuacan, an archaeological complex northeast of Mexico City, so when the chance  presented itself to go there after my Cancùn trip, I didn’t think twice. Continue Reading

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    Mini post on Mexico: Cancún

    Sunshine, emerald coloured water, white beaches, delicious guacamole and tasty Mojitos and Caipirinhas; in theory Cancún doesn’t sound bad at all. If you’re after a beach holiday, and the only thing…

  • Europe Travel

    Icelandic Adventures: Reykjavik

    Iceland has been on my travel-wishlist for a while: the rough landscapes (barren at times), the dramatic coastline, the geysers, the cute and tough Icelandic horses (I can probs fold my…

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    Tall Christmas shopping in Zürich

    I was quite looking forward to my trip to Switzerland, as I desperately needed to do some Christmas shopping. As the Hobbit was not able to join me on this trip…

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    Traintravel: Like Swiss Clockwork

    One of the advantages of living in Europe is that you can get around the continent super easy without getting on a plane. You can get on a train in Amsterdam and…

  • Asia Travel

    China: The Great Wall & Beijing

    Less than two years ago, I had never been to China. This year alone I went three times. As I probably would not have chosen China as a destination for city…

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    The ‘Upside’ of Being a Tall Traveler

    We all know the downsides of being a tall traveler. The agony of folding away your giraffe legs in an economy class seat, the stares, the pictures, the comments. Today, I…

  • Asia Travel

    Capturing Bali

    You can imagine my excitement when a business meeting got moved from Amsterdam to Bali. I mean, Amsterdam is nice, but it’s not Bali. I was quite looking forward to extending…

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    Lake Garda: Malcesine and Val di Sogno

    When you realise that either Milan, Verona or Venice is only a two-hour flight away from Amsterdam, and you get invited along for a girls weekend in Italy, it’s impossible to…

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    Dots in Dorchester

    Being in a car together, always makes for lots of fun conversations between me and the man. Don’t know why, but we tend to get quite chatty when we’re driving so…