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    China: The Great Wall & Beijing

    Less than two years ago, I had never been to China. This year alone I went three times. As I probably would not have chosen China as a destination for city trips, so I’m grateful I got to see it for my job. Though Beijing is bigger in size, Shanghai tops with number of inhabitants, but with 21 million people living there, Beijing still has enough of them. Come join me on a photo tour of the three main sights of the Beijing Area. I’ll take you to the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen square.

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    Capturing Bali

    You can imagine my excitement when a business meeting got moved from Amsterdam to Bali. I mean, Amsterdam is nice, but it’s not Bali. I was quite looking forward to extending…

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    Tall wife does Shanghai

    Shanghai is the biggest city of China and also the biggest city of the world if you look at population. It has 24 million inhabitants, to compare; the entire population of…

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    Preparing for… Shanghai!

    I am traveling to Shanghai soon for a work trip. I have never been to China so I’m excited! I’m just not looking forward to the flight. I have done so…

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    Vietnam – Hanoi

    Hanoi is the hectic yet charming capital of Vietnam. I was very excited about this trip as Vietnam had been on my wish list for a while. I didn’t really know…

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    Vietnam – Halong Bay

    Being in Hanoi for work, I wanted to use the opportunity to explore Halong Bay, having heard so many great stories about this enchanting UNESCO World Heritage site. After doing my…