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Tall Retailers part of my wardrobe

“Womenswear brand that designs luxurious collections exclusively for women 5’9″ and taller.”
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tall order
“An independent label offering contemporary, stylish, good quality clothing for taller women.”
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“Welcome to your first stop in fashionable, flattering clothing for women 5’8″ (173cm) and above”
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Dutch retailer offering trendy and fashionable clothing for tall women and girls. International deliveries from their web shop possible (site in Dutch).
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Tall fashion for tall girls. Clothing from Tallgirls.co.uk designed and sourced for tall girls.
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Tall Retailers not yet part of my wardrobe

“A luxury design house exclusively for the tall, strong, and confident woman” (U.S. Based)

Amalli Talli
“We strongly believe that tall isn’t solely defined by height and comes in a variety of shapes & sizes & proportions.”

“We provide tall women, 5’10” and up, with stylish and high-quality tall clothing. We specialize in chic clothing for women 6’0″ and over.”

“We are on a mission to create the perfect Tall Collection for the tall woman. We believe that tall women are unique and as such our Tall Collection is designed to showcase that uniqueness”

“An apparel brand offering simple but high-quality pieces that are specifically cut for women who are 5’9” or taller.”

height“Designing and sourcing classic, contemporary, urban, trendy, chic, or otherwise cool clothing from all around the world is what we do.”

“We design and manufacture on-trend exclusive luxury British clothes for women 5ft 8″ and above that struggle to find luxury clothes that fit perfectly.”

Retailers with a ‘tall’ range

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“We extend the length, torso and inseam so every style just fits right.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 20.51.07
“Talk about styles in epic proportions! Find your favourite tops, dresses, skirts, pants and jeans in extended lengths and inseams in our Tall Shop.”

“Say goodbye to fashion awks with our Tall edit, 5’9″/1.75m and over.  Instead, say hello to longer-length denim, jumpsuits and occasion dresses.”

Workout clothing

tall girl running
For tall work-out gear, click here.

Shoes in bigger sizes is not my speciality as I’m lucky to have a size EU41/42 – US11.
I often do find shoes in my size online or in store at non-tall retailers, but for those of you not so lucky:

“We’ve created a line of extended size women’s dress shoes with a lower heel that are elegant, feminine, and specifically designed for ladies who wear shoe sizes 9 and above.”
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This retailer list is quite extensive, but I am sure there’s more out there.
Do let me know if you think there’s a brand that should be included!

Shop Guide for Tall Women (tallwife.com)